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• Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture •

These represent a small selection of the letters from the UK and international patients that Dr Lucy has received.

Original and unedited copies are available on request.


Dr Lucy was kind enough to help me last year with a charity event I was undertaking. Her passion and enthusiasm for what she does really is incredible, she seems to have an inherent need to help others and will go out of her way to do so.

In terms of her knowledge, it is vast and she regularly travels around the world to learn more and be better at what she does. She was able to help me feel more energized and relaxed with 3 sessions of Acupuncture per week for a couple of months before I took on this 48 hour Row Challenge for charity last September.


Needing to work full time and train incredibly hard for the row should have exhausted me – and did – until Lucy started treating me, then exhaustion and lack of energy no longer entered into it*.

Naomi Riches MBE  – Paralympic Gold Medalist

I have been seeing Dr Lucy for a few months and it has really helped with my arthritis. She is the most positive person you could meet and thoroughly professional. Highly recommended.

Judith H

Dr Lucy has a wealth of knowledge and is diligent in her assessments and understanding of the individual’s body. I had regular treatments for the multi-systemic and chronic rare conditions I have and she managed to assist in balancing some of my problems and I would recommend Lucy’s treatment as support and management for chronic disease.

It was also a pleasure to spend time with Lucy, she is very kind, generous and professional and will do all she can to help. Whatever the problem, I am convinced Lucy would be able to make improvements with everyone she treats, be it for aches & pains or systemic or organ problems – Lucy is able to identify the issues and work on the whole body, something a traditional doctor is unable to do.

Heather M


Acupuncture with Dr Lucy was the best decision I made!

Acupuncture with Dr Lucy has transformed my energy levels; from borderline M.E in 2018, I now feel like my old self - positive, healthy, energetic and happy. I recommend Dr Lucy to everyone - she's really lovely and extremely experienced. At 36, I didn't think I could feel so fatigued and it was a real knock to my confidence and self-esteem. I've been amazed at how much better I feel after each session, it's fantastic.

Jennifer M


I can't recommend Dr Lucy highly enough. The initial consultation was extremely thorough, and she was able to identify issues without my having to explain myself at length. Dr Lucy's acupuncture is precise, gentle and simply hits the spot, as you would expect from someone from a long line of traditional Chinese doctors. I have never walked out of a doctor's surgery feeling quite so good before and was delighted to recommend her when asked by my Stoke Mandeville neurologist. Dr Lucy's skills are highly sought after and for good reason – she is an asset to Marlow.

Warren D.


Dr Lucy, I am 12 weeks pregnant today (scan attached) – thank you for your help in preparing my womb!

Jo R.


Dr Lucy treated me for anxiety and insomnia issues and after some intensive treatments, I am now well on the mend.

Dr Lucy is a fantastic practitioner and obviously knows her stuff. She easily identified my problem area, helped treat it, helped lift my energy levels and I'm now well on the road to recovery.

She also dispenses great advice on lifestyle issues, like when not to have a warm bath and to take a drink of warm water first thing in the morning! Such a tonic!

I can't recommend her enough.

John W


I came to Dr Liu suffering from a very unpleasant viral attack on my face... Bell’s Palsy.

I was instantly impressed by her care, consideration and expertise and her desire to cure the problem as quickly and painlessly as possible. I am convinced that the treatment I received from Dr Liu speeded up my total recovery.

I am very grateful.

Jim R


After a lifetime of sinus problems with operations, antibiotics and no improvements I finally met Lucy!

I came to her at a real low point when my blocked nose would just not clear. After the first session, I just knew that she had hit the point. By the following day not only were my sinuses clearer, so were my puffy cheeks and as a bonus, I also had a great night's sleep.

I have now had a course of treatments from Lucy and feel that this has made a massive difference and been extremely worthwhile.

Lucy is not just a great acupuncturist but also a pleasure to be treated by. She is very knowledgeable and is able to take a holistic approach to treatment. I can't recommend Dr Lucy Liu enough!

A big thank you, Lucy, for making me better very quickly and now able to look forward to a healthy winter :)

Berit H


I am a 28-year-old female and first visited Dr Lucy as I was experiencing full body tremors and muscle twitching. After several acupuncture sessions, my tremor has decreased and almost gone now. I am so grateful that the acupuncture is working for the problems I've been experiencing, and I am fully confident in Dr Lucy's knowledge and expertise in Acupuncture.


I come away from the sessions feeling clear and calm. I trust that these sessions are having a positive effect on my wellbeing and healing - Thank you, Lucy!

Liz D


A long period of low immunity, fatigue, and anxiety had really got me down. My body and mind were stressed, and I hadn't been myself for over a year. I wanted my energy, health, and positivity back.

Acupuncture had always interested me, but I wasn't sure if it could help energy and immunity problems - but I am so happy that I contacted Dr Lucy. After just a couple of weeks of bespoke sessions, I felt so positive, my energy returned and I felt healthier than I had in months.

Dr Lucy's experience, professionalism, and calm, positive approach meant I felt in safe hands, and the results speak for themselves.

I'd have no hesitancy in recommending Dr Lucy, and would urge those experiencing fatigue, low-immunity, and low-energy issues to explore the benefits of acupuncture - it has been an eye-opening and wholly positive experience for me.

Thank you, Dr Lucy!

Jennifer Morris, DipCIPR


Dr Lucy has been coming to Marlow Age Concern on a voluntary basis every Friday for the last few months. She provides our guests with massaging of pressure points using her hands or needles, depending on their conditions.

When Dr Lucy first came the guests were apprehensive as they had not experienced acupuncture before. After they saw their friends getting results and feeling better, whether it be for hearing, bad legs, hip pain, stress, blood pressure, shoulder problems, they now queue up to see her*.

Suzanne Brown (Manager)


Following the regular weekly applications of acupuncture I have noticed improvements in my general well-being in ways I did not expect at my age:

 - Hearing clearer
- Concentration powers stronger
- Greater stamina & optimism
- Balance better

 I am sure that I  can continue to live independently for a long time yet. Thank you so much for your generous care in our Age Concern groups*.

Kathleen C


I would like you to know that the treatments you have given me - firstly to cure my infected leg due to an accident and also my hearing - has been very beneficial. Also, my walking and general health have definitely improved. Thank you most sincerely - and I am 95 years old*!

Meg S


My right leg has improved greatly and I now have less pain when walking*. 

Myriam D


I would like to give a great big thank you to Dr Lucy. I went to Dr Lucy as I had heard through a mutual friend how much Dr Lucy had helped with his hay fever. I had never thought of going to an Acupuncturist for hay fever but I am so glad I did. After just a few sessions my eyes have stopped being itchy, watery and puffy.


I would thoroughly recommend going to Dr Lucy if like me you suffer from hay fever, thanks again Dr Lucy. As a footnote I did also mention I had some lower back pain, Dr Lucy fixed that almost instantly with Balance Acupuncture*.

Gilly L


I cannot recommend Dr Lucy highly enough. I have Chronic Lyme Disease, fibromyalgia, migraine, central sensitivity syndrome, chronic fatigue etc. With Dr Lucy’s help I am on the road to recovery. I have my pain level under control and my energy is being restored. She is incredibly intuitive and heart felt in her practice and I trust her advice and support completely*.

Janice H


I would thoroughly recommend Dr Lucy who has been treating me for high blood pressure due to stress and anxiety attacks. Not only do I feel so much better (as proved in my blood pressure results), I have been very impressed with her holistic and caring approach to treatment.


Dr Lucy introduced me to traditional Chinese acupuncture and balance acupuncture and having previously been a cynic, I am now an advocate*.

Annie M


Super Doc Lucy! I highly recommend Dr Lucy Liu's acupuncture clinic. I have now being a client for six months and benefited enormously from her treatments following my fourth hip replacement.

The procedures have provided both relief and improved circulation and wellbeing. I wholeheartedly endorse Dr Lucy's alternative approach to healing*.

Eileen O’D

Lucy has helped me enormously with acupuncture.

I caught a cold in March which then developed into a debilitating cough that lasted for two months.  I also felt exhausted and lethargic with no appetite. Lucy started to treat me in May and virtually overnight my cough disappeared. After a couple of visits my appetite and energy increased. She also treated my whole wellbeing which was imbalanced.

I truly believe that I would not be feeling this well without the support, care and professionalism that Lucy has given me.

Really grateful Lucy for all the help you have given me.  Thank you so much*.

Linda C


I went to see Dr Lucy after a reoccurrence of an old back problem. I had a bad experience with acupuncture many years ago when the NHS physio I saw used me to practise – so it was with some trepidation went along. There was no need for any worries though as Dr Lucy made me very comfortable and the treatment was painless.

I'm 41 and assumed I would be treated just for my back, however Dr Lucy said she thought my blood pressure was high and after measuring found it to be 168. After a week of acupuncture this was down to 137 so it was very effective.


My back is now back to full strength as well so it was definitely worth doing and I will use Dr Lucy in the future*. 

Tom P


I have been a patient of Dr Liu for over 2 months and when I first met her I was confined to bed and unable to move, due to severe back problems involving a disc. I had been to a number of hospitals and physiotherapists who were unable to help me, but following a course of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese medical treatments from Dr Liu I am now able to walk again with the help of a frame (at the moment) and with no back pain. As I get stronger I will be able to walk better and further – and unaided.

This is a great relief to me as I thought that I would have to spend the rest of my life in bed and unable to move.

I found Dr Liu to be very professional and dedicated doctor and I cannot thank her enough for the help and support she has given me over the past few months, for her skills and patience in helping to end my suffering.

I have a son who has had cerebral palsy since birth which has led to the paralysis of his limbs and kinetic hands and feet, making each of the crawl and sit, stand and walk movements later than usual – so we started with physical therapy regime since now in its second year.

He was not able to walk by himself until he reached five years old, but still not 100% naturally. We continued physical therapy and he continued to improve gradually, but slowly. When he completed eight years and eight months, I heard about acupuncture therapy by Dr. Lucy Liu. We took our son to her and she was like affectionate mother with her patients, adding to the good relationship with the parents of patients through her ethics and professional behaviour*.

A Readha Ali Abdulla


I noticed improvement in our son after ten sessions, with our son's feeling in his legs lightly returning during walking. We continued the treatment and he continued to improve – even people around him in the town noticed that, as did his teacher who noticed that the speed of his attention when she was calling him, which was missing until then.


He reached a fuller recovery after undergoing seventy sessions, with feeling in his legs during walking returning*.

Ali Hussein (Father)


I did not expect that my son would improve that much. I became to depend on him more while we are outside. A few months ago I was running after him wherever he goes, but now as a normal child I observe him from a short distance. His sentences contain three words now.

Thank goodness for having Dr. Lui. She is not only a doctor she is a mother and the kind heart to my son*.

Ali Ahmed Bukammas mom

All reasonable attempts have been made to provide accurate and recent information, but it is not necessarily comprehensive, and information is of a general nature only which is not intended to address the specific circumstances of any particular individual.  Self-diagnosis is not recommended and internet -based advice is no substitute for a face-to-face visit with a healthcare practitioner. 

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